Boys just wanna have fun

My bloggy friend Keiko is a mother of two boys, like myself (though technically I’ve had three boys), and she has started to get the same looks/comments from other people who lament that she doesn’t have a girl.  “You’ll just have to keep trying!” they say, like maybe the reason we don’t have girls is because we simply didn’t try hard enough to have a girl the first two times.  Some people look at us like we’re dressed to the nines in designer clothes but oh, how sad that we’re missing all of our limbs.

Would my life be any more fulfilled if one of my sons was a girl?  Absolutely not.  Would I be any happier?  No.  Would I be having more fun?  No.  Would I be richer?  Would I be more famous?  Would skinnier jeans look better on me?  No, no, and no.

I’ve started noticing that girls around Vincenzo’s age have started vying for popularity around each other.  They whisper now.  They  group off together.  You see some sitting on the sidelines, wondering how they can get in the group.  You see some hang in the group for awhile, then realize it doesn’t feel like they thought it would.  You see that one of them has been deemed queen and seems to have some kind of power, at the tender age of four.

While all this is going on, the boys are running and jumping and tousling with each other; tackling, pouncing; shouting happily.  They play in one gigantic group.  Their main goal is to see if they can make each other laugh, and if there are any social divisions around them, nobody has told them.  It is so refreshing, as a mother-of-boys, to be a part of the rough-and-tumble group this time around—to not have to relive the stress and pain of cliques for another 18 years. 

Would I take a baby girl if one fell into my lap?  In a heartbeat.  Would I take a baby boy if one fell into my lap?  In the same heartbeat.* 

I am happy with my boys.  And I’m glad Vincenzo has girl friends because girls and girlie things are so fun to take pictures of.




*As long as that heartbeat is a few years away (or maybe never).  I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of having just two kids!

15 thoughts on “Boys just wanna have fun

  1. That has to be the thing that scares me the most about having a girl. I have no idea how to teach her NOT to be clique-y!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I had two girls, and I kept getting the boy question thrown at me. Fortunately Brewier had a son from a previous marriage so I didn’t get too much pressure from the in laws.
    I think its great you have two boys, so they can be buddies as they grow up.

  3. I have a boy and a girl, and I’ll be honest. It makes me feel like I’m better than you and Keiko. In fact, my whole life seems to have fallen into place as a result of having the coveted “one of each” and I think I’m left with no choice but to pity you. Also, stop having conversations that don’t include me, because it makes me really defensive and then I feel like I have to make up for my low self esteem with fake cockiness and pride in stuff I don’t really normally put any weight on. I don’t know. It’s a girl thing.

  4. Well written. As a mom of two girls, I more got the question of, “Ohh, how is Erik with that? He must want to have another.”

    I have been often warned about not getting too cocky in these early years when girls can seem so much easier in terms of behavior, potty training, academics – fast forward 10 years when I have an 11 and 14 year old and I’m crying in the closet over the thong I found in the laundry and the bitchy note in the pocket…

  5. Thanks for all the comments, peeps. Sounds like no one gets off easy…except for Renee. Hey Keiko, she’s a bitch, isn’t she?

  6. Very refreshing post! Just found out my second baby is a boy, and I thought all the way till yesterday I was having a girl 🙂
    And funny, most of Robert’s friends are girls, maybe that was why he wanted a sister too. Well, I guess I will buy cute dresses for his friends! :-))

  7. You should try waiting 5 years between kids and then after 2 of the same sex…have 1 of the opposite sex. The comments are priceless…or tasteless, it is hard to tell. 🙂

  8. Gah, Renee you are such a beast! I am going to start a Facebook group about people who hate funny girls who are funny, like the Beatles and their names end in “nee”.

  9. Keiko, luckily my Liverpulidian friend Shenee has a great sense of humor, or she’d be really upset by a group like that. wha?

  10. My friend’s daughter had the same cake. Did you notice that their dresses light up? We couldn’t stop laughing about how inappropriate that was to have a light shining from underneath the skirt, lol.

  11. Boys, boys and more boys. My life has been blessed with four of them and my boyfriend has a son also. I just got two girl dogs. Easier to care for and you can leave them home alone and no one gets bent out of shape! I get tired of the questions, too. But take it all with a grain of salt. Maybe they are just jealous!!

  12. I’ve known families that keep on going for “that boy”. Our neighbors have to get to baby number 5 and same with some friends from back home. Someone always has a comment I think when they are looking in from the outside. You have a perfect family and great little boys. Let them all project their issues or thoughts. You know you’re blessed. Heck you’ll be fighting girls off someday just because of V’s dimples. Personally I’m plotting how to keep the girls away from Brice.

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