Baby crying; no time to proofread

This morning I took V to a park and then to lunch and though he looked fried, I needed to make a quick trip through the art store (because “need” and “art store” usually go together).   Vincenzo was a whining, screaming terror until he realized he could sit on the front of the stroller and power it with his legs (“Look Mom, now you have an automatic stroller!”)  It was totally awkward and annoying for me and everyone else we ran into and bumped into and actually knocked down and then rolled over, but the alternative was to drag a tired, screaming child through the store and hope the nice lady in the felt aisle could watch the baby without stealing him while I tied up the fighty one outside..

In happier news, Vincenzo invented a new word that is worth sharing:
hearitable: being completely irritated by things you are hearing; e.g.: Your whining has made me incredibly HEARITABLE.

It was an hour past Rocco’s feeding time when we got home so I rushed upstairs to nurse my screaming baby, and only after he latched on did I realize Vincenzo had never gotten out of the car and was yelling for me.  I headed to the garage, still nursing Rocco, and as soon as Vincenzo got out of the car he said, “I need to p—“ and then there was pee all over the floor. 

I know there are so many worse ways this story could have ended, but standing there with a baby sucking on my boob, watching the yellow puddle of pee reach my Goodwill basket while I stood there helplessly lactating felt pretty low.  I feel even lower when I think of all the trolls who are going to comment about me leaving Vincenzo in the car in the first place.  I know.  Don’t do it.  I get it.

In happier news, I made up a new word of my own:
festerday: how you refer to yesterday when it was a bad one; e.g.: I can’t wait until tomorrow so that I can laugh about festerday.


P.S. Rocco just threw up on the carpet.  Now he is rolling in it.


5 thoughts on “Baby crying; no time to proofread

  1. Sounds like someone could use some chocolate bacon. (Thank you for that, by the way. I didn’t have internet when it came in the mail, so I couldn’t run onto the computer (That’s how it broke in the first place, thank you very much Harrison) and write a long thank you thank you thank you email and then post about your awesomeness. Will this do? Me, referencing the gift in your blog post about lactation and pee? I hope so. It meant a lot to me. I’m sending you virtual chocolate bacon. No, no. It’s truly the least I could do.

  2. I love you. It could have been worse. One day it will be worse. Tomorrow will be better – but if not, at least then today won’t seem so bad.

    Erik leaves Sunday to go out of town again for a week – feel better now? Good. Now I better go wake my sleeping children.

  3. Hey there- I hope your weekend has been better than your Friday.

    We are still going to soccer every week, but are probably going to switch to Thursdays at 5:30.

  4. My friend Shaylon developed a sudden case of “poop soup” while driving home but rather than take her two year old in a truck stop bathroom she was convinced her will was stronger than her sphincter…flash forward to explosive diarrhea all over concrete floor of her garage while her son screamed “Mama out… I want juice!”

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