Letterboxing, turtle style

We went letterboxing for the first time.  Letter boxing is like geocaching only for people who find their way places by turning left at the Starbucks and right at the Jiffy Lube rather than those who turn east on 4th and north on main.  It was…AWESOME.  Vincenzo and his buddy played in the mud, threw rocks in a pond, blazed their own trails, and pching’d things with sticks* on a drizzly day where normally we’d be inside drumming our fingers on the table and hurling insults at each other.

A few pix from the day:




What is it about dimples that makes a normal person so dang cute?  Why don’t we go “awwwwww” when we see someone with differently colored eyes or a monobrow or maybe a cleft palate?  At any rate, this kid lucked out.


Crouching cheetard, hidden letterbox


Finding the letterbox (despite the fact that the tree mentioned in the clue was apparently chopped down this month)


Shut up.  It’s the first stamp I’ve ever made.


Oh, this guy was there too.  In case there’s any confusion, his face is the one on the bottom.


Please note I sacrificed one of my gloves to a lost sock cause.  I’m real selfless like that.**


Vincenzo found his letterbox treasure, but I found this super cool plant that gets purple berries this time of year—it’s called Beauty Berry and I need it!  (I also need a macro lens so I can take better close-ups.)


Can’t wait for our next letterboxing extravaganza!

You tell me.  (Really, tell me!  I’d love to know.)


*Who are we kidding—they shot things with guns.
**sic (It kills me to use an adjective where an adverb should be used, but it sounds righter.)***
***sic (That’s just to be funny.)


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