Where do you like to toot?

QUICKIE: Vincenzo cooked Grammy a pretend fish.  She took a bite, declared it delicious, and asked, “What seasonings did you use?”  He answered simply, “Summer.”
I think this is about the funniest flipping poem I have ever read aloud.  It’s from Vincenzo’s High 5 magazine this month, and I can’t physically make it through the poem because I laugh so hard I cry:

I scoot right up the Chester
and the Susquehan-i-aye
and I toot—oh how I toot!
at the blue crabs in the Bay.

I toot and toot again
and TOOT—what do I hear?
Something’s tooting back at me
—a tug is chugging near!

The poem ends by telling you that New York is the best place to toot.  I’m booking a ticket today.

There’s this other poem in the magazine:

When you’re yawning and nodding and flopping,
and ready to fall in a heap,
where do you choose for a nap or a snooze–
where is your favorite place to sleep?

When we finished reading, Vincenzo answered, “On your sister.”

Thank God Vincenzo doesn’t have a sister.  And Lord have mercy on everyone else’s sisters.

Tilapia fish tacos
Spicy black bean stew
Brown rice
Dulce de leche cookies


2 thoughts on “Where do you like to toot?

  1. I think that you missed Vincenzo’s literal answer – his favorite place to sleep is on Jnet.

    Mmm, tilapia tacos – my very favorite thing that we make at home.

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