Turn off the TV! Okay turn it back on again.

The other night I made Kevin go to a parenting class on media literacy with me.  I went with the understanding that parents who let their kids watch TV and play video games would be rounded up in the paddy wagon and driven away, leaving their spouses there to eat cookies and gloat.

There was no paddy wagon.  And also, Kevin kept asking if when we were going to watch a video.  Then, when went around the room explaining why we were there he answered, “I’m just here because there was nothing better on TV.”   Later, when a couple walked into the meeting late, he nearly knocked his chair over to donate his class handouts to them.

When I got the chance to speak I explained that I was there  because my husband *nudgenudge* would like to have all the windows on our house changed into TVs, and maybe the walls too.

Just to clarify, I don’t think TV is necessarily evil; it’s just in the same category as McDonald’s, i.e. I would like to have significantly more in my life by I would like my kids to have none of it.  McGriddle is to my kids’ arteries as TV is to their brains.  Therefore we NEVER have TV on in the house. 

Unless I have had such little sleep the night before that it is either watch a show or throw a kid off the deck. 

Or it’s movie night. 

Or football is on. 

Or the Olympics.

Or home videos.

Or we found something really funny on YouTube.

Or Mommy and Daddy want to go out to a bar and couldn’t get a babysitter in time.

Kidding, kidding.  The real deal is that I tried to keep video games out of Vincenzo’s life but Kevin grew up playing a ton of video games and watching a ton of TV and it has not escaped us that he is a significantly more well-adjusted adult than I am.  For him, playing video games with Vincenzo is a bonding thing so I’ve had to relax my rules and allow a little video games on the weekends.  I’d be okay with it if they were playing something like “Grand Theft Math Facts” but they usually play Banjo Kazooie, and all week I hear about their jiggies and gruntbots and where we should stick sticky balls on our vehicle.

Anyway, while I didn’t learn a ton from the class, I did walk away feeling less guilty about the amount of media our kids are exposed to.  Vincenzo thinks Elmo is a diaper manufacturer.  Scooby Doo is a flavor of macaroni and cheese.  Diego is just another underwear model, like Batman.

But when an add fell out of the newspaper this morning and Vincenzo said, “Hey Mom, that’s the money you could be saving with Geico!” I realized we still have a ways to go.

Cheeseburger soup
Ciabatta bread
Salad with craisins and gorgonzola

6 thoughts on “Turn off the TV! Okay turn it back on again.

  1. We had to work James over pretty hard to convince him it would be more fun to get out and go play at the Bell Square kids’ area than to stay home and watch a show. How sad is that? Do we let James watch too much TV? Yes- he knows more brand names than we do.

  2. I would have been spending the whole night waiting for a chance to say that the babysitter needed us to be home by 9, and then I would have said, “And by babysitter, I mean the Spongebob Marathon on Nickelodeon.” And maybe Kevin would have laughed. But probably nobody else.

  3. I was mortified when, whole at a friend’s house, Aidan shouted “look Mommy! It’s the Geico money!” I had no idea he had ever even seen it, which was just as mortifying

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