The baby is STILL waking up every hour at night!

I’m at the end of my rope.  What am I doing wrong?  Is Rocco punishing me for occasionally sleeping on my right side when I was pregnant with him?  Is it because we occasionally spit-clean is binkies?  Should I call the pediatrician for advice?  Or the exorcist?

Anyway, sleepless nights are NOT FUNNY and these pictures are probably only funny if you’re manically sleep deprived like me but it’s all I got.


Vincenzo has been wearing this hand a lot and playing doctor.  He calls it his doctor’s glove, which is great.  The world can never have too many proctologists.



“Proctologist?!  What’s a…”






“I don’t think electro-shock sleep training seems to really be working, Mom.”



You can still see the effects of electro-shock sleep training on Rocco’s 4-year-old brother, pictured here at the bottom of the stairs.



“Still not working…”



Pizza because I didn’t actually make it when I said I did
Which means this whole blog is probably one big lie

4 thoughts on “The baby is STILL waking up every hour at night!

  1. talk to me about this waking….actually talk to me about his sleeping. where………and such. then tell me what he seems to want when he wakes. I can think it over and help problem solve. Sugar was a night nurser FOREVER, and had nap issues, so I might have some ideas.

  2. Where was Corey when James was a baby! I could have used some problems solving too! I’m jealous….wait, that’s a lie. I’m not, somehow, being sleep deprived because of work is better.

  3. Seriously, if you figure out what works, let me know. Nothing is working for C. I know he is brand new, but last night he cried from 6pm until 2am, with two fifteen minutes naps/reprieves in the middle. Whenever he started crying today I started getting a panic attack.

    With B, Happiest Baby on the Block worked miracles. He was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. Now, I think that book is full of shit.

  4. We’re up every 1.5 hours some nights and 8 hours straight others. So unpredictable. When I walk by Jonah’s room and he’s sacked out for 11-12 hours straight, I just think someday, Nolan, someday…

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