Playing hooky

Due to an unexpected onslaught of sunny weather, I’m not all that into blogging this week.  Here’s just a little somethin’ somethin’ to tide you over.  In bold are some search terms that have brought people to my blog, followed by my extraordinarily witty commentary:

i cheese sandwich you:
Well I’m flattered.  I cheese sandwich you too.

cat poop floats:
Shouldn’t you instead be searching for “cat won’t stop using our toilet”?

ground hog cat poop:
That was actually the alternate name for my blog, so it’s no wonder the phrase brought you here.  I’ll take the high road and let you have it.

adult stroller:
Oh, I can help you with that!  They’re right next to the adult diapers.

abby peed her pants:
Kristen?  Is that you?  You know you can just call me and I’ll give it to you straight.

pie eating a man
Now that’s a news story!

it will hurt the whole time you are dyi
That is tragic, to die before you finish searching if it will hurt the whole time.  I only hope the “ng” was at least pain-free.

Maple glazed salmon
Brown and wild rice cakes

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