Back to reality (I love reality)

Kevin and Vincenzo spent the last 6 days in Chicago, leaving me at home with just Rocco.  I spent the large majority of my time in this crazy, eccentric place called My Right Brain.  Well, I alternated between My Right Brain and McDonald’s.  I lost count of how many trips I had made to the golden arches by my second day alone-ish.  By breakfast of the second day.

While visiting My Right Brain, I sewed hooter hiders, scrapbooked, and painted Rocco’s growth chart.  Here’s the progression: 

IMG_7664a IMG_7664bIMG_7664cIMG_7664dIMG_7664eIMG_7664f

And shots of the final:




Before you give me too much credit, I will admit that most of the images are stolen from children’s books and other growth charts I found on-line.  I am a fox in the Internet’s chicken coop.

Other than that, I gorged on long walks and trashy magazines and the Olympics.  The one thing I didn’t gorge on was sleep, as Rocco has gone from being a great sleeper to waking up every single hour of the night.  Sweet Rocco by day, Evil Rocco by night.  I read a few parenting books that told me things like, “Let the baby cry it out,” (which I’ve tried) and, “Crying it out leads to permanent psychological damage,” (oops). 

I tried nursing him; not nursing him.  Swaddling; unswaddling.  Keeping him up longer; putting him to bed earlier.  Ferberizing.  Door open; door closed.  Hallway light on; hallway light off.  Music on; music off.

But alas, Evil Rocco is more powerful than me and now I must accept my new superhero persona of Bag Lady, so named for the bags below my eyes that have the super power of making me look 20 years older than I actually am. 

Looks like my next sewing project will be another cape.  Evil Rocco has certainly earned it.

Oaxacan tacos with spicy black bean stew

6 thoughts on “Back to reality (I love reality)

  1. We’re going through the exact same thing with Nolan. I can’t figure him out either. I usually just give in to whatever works so I can get a little sleep.

  2. I’m sorry you are sleep deprived. I would suggest feeding him a lot in the evening but if it is acid reflux making him wake up then that won’t work. I hope you get to take a nap when he does 🙂

  3. That growth chart is awesome!! Would you make one for Zoey? You could do a nice little business there…

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