Snippets from Vincenzo’s week

1.  Vincenzo was really peeved that we wouldn’t do something he wanted the other day.  We told him to think of a different idea.  This conversation ensued:

V: [angrily] Then LET’S play KITTY deLIVery.
K: Sure!  That’s a great idea.
V: [even more angrily] NO IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA!

2.  Kevin took Vincenzo to his gym class last week.  As it was the first day of this semester,  when they came home I asked V if he had a new teacher.  “No,” he answered.  “It’s still Teacher Fawn; she just changed her name to Kari.”

3.  Vincenzo was standing in the kitchen when out of the blue, this took place:

V: Ding dong!
Mom: Oh, hi Vincenzo.  Come in!
V: Thanks.  I brought the whole turtle soccer team with me.
Mom: …
V: We could use come Cate-orade.
Mom: Um…sure, here’s some Gatorade. [Passes around pretend cups]
V: It’s CATE-orade, Mom.  [to team]  Haha, Mom thought it was Gatorade.

4.  We’ve been playing a lot of pretend doctor lately.  Vincenzo usually takes the dogs and we take everything else.  The other day, though, a moose walked into Vincenzo’s office complaining of a stomachache.  V prescribed the moose 5 pills.  The next day Moose came back, complaining of stomach pains again.

V: Did you take the five pills?
Moose: Five pills?  I thought you said TEN pills!
V: Nope.  Five.
Moose: Well can you help me?  I took ten and I’m in a lot of pain here…

5.  Vincenzo brought home his first-ever progress report from school.  I want to frame the first sentence: “Vincenzo’s calm, observant ways will never keep him from donning his cape and running very fast.”

Cheddar broccoli soup
Toasted bagels
Chocolate-dipped strawberries

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