25 things you didn’’t know about my cat

1.  His favorite toy is socks.  The littler the better.  Every morning when I wake up there are about 20 socks all over the house that I pick up and put away.

2.  Coincidentally (or not), he has 4 white paws.

3.  He’s always dressed for prom, as he is a tuxedo cat.

4.  He loves the smell of chlorine.  When we come back from the pool he rolls around on and licks all our towels and clothes.

5.  He loves to groom Kevin and spends a good chunk of each night licking Kevin’s head.

6.  We got Clyde when he was 4 years old.  His other family didn’t want him because he peed all over their house.

7.  Clyde sometimes pees all over our house.

8.  Clyde is afraid of all kids everywhere and spends 95% of his waking time under our bed, like this:


9.  When we first got Clyde, he ran straight into the room under our stairs and didn’t come out for 3 whole days.  That’s when we dubbed it the “Panic Room.”

10.  He weighs 13 pounds.  It’s all muscle.

11.  The vet doesn’t think that’s funny.

12.  Some people call him Cross-Eyed Clyde but I swear he’s not.

13.  I don’t think that’s funny.

14. He licks his butt a good deal more than I feel is appropriate…but I think you already knew that.


15.  Actually, there is one thing he likes about kids: he loves the sound of a crying baby, and he camps out by the crib when Rocco is really wailing.

16.  The first week we got Clyde we let him spend some time on our second story deck.  I *think* he got locked out there at night.  He jumped off the deck and we found him hiding under my car in the driveway, as there was no bed in the driveway.

17.  He can perform Lasik surgery using his own eyes.  (Or: Turns out some of the Chinese-produced cat food we’ve been feeding him has been recalled…)


#s 18 through 24 all involve various things Clyde has sat on/under/in.  I will show them pictorially.









25.  Something ain’t right about that cat.

Omelet-wrapped quesadillas stuffed with roasted potatoes and corn (wish me luck!)
Cheesy polenta


8 thoughts on “25 things you didn’’t know about my cat

  1. Unfortunately I think Clyde is a typical cat (beautiful in all his tuxedoedness) but a cat which means weird. I like cats, but only when they live outdoors, and work for their kibble, ie catch mice and rats, or in our case bats.

  2. I am intruiged by you dinner menu—can you post pics and recipe…even if it doesn’t work out. BTW I am wishing you luck!

  3. Dinner kind of turned out. It tasted awesome (or “pretty good,” depending on who’s answering) but the execution was a little tricky. I’m going to try to video myself making it tomorrow and I’ll post that in the next week or so.

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