For goodness’ sakes!

At the store the other day Vincenzo was lingering a little too long in the candy aisle so I said, “Enough lollygagging; let’s get going.”  A lady who could have been my grandma said, “’Lollygagging,’ now there’s a word you don’t hear much these days!”  That’s right; I’m now sounding old even to old people.  My mommification is complete. 

If I slice my finger when I’m cooking, I say cheerfully, “Oh shoot.”  If someone cuts me off in traffic then it’s, “Well that was silly!”  I’ve even caught myself tut-tutting when we go to the basement and see that Kevin and his “band” forgot to clean up their 82 beer cans the night before.

My day is rife with oh my goshes and holy cows and CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG (but only if it really hurts).  It just makes me want to say, “Darn it anyway!  Isn’t there a gol-darn place a mom can go to say what’s really on her mind?

Aw what do you care.  You’re all just a bunch of ass-munches anyway.

Maybe eggplant parmesan.
Maybe not.

P.S. I found someone who’s okay with the high chair being in the house.


(He actually takes his meals in it now.)


4 thoughts on “For goodness’ sakes!

  1. My Mom ALWAYS used the word snapdragons…I never did until my oldest said,”Oh Shit” when she was two. From that day on it was snapdragons for me.

  2. I think you are a big ol liar and you really have a mouth like a sailor. You are just lucky that V can’t comment on the blog and tell us the truth!

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