Sweet dreams are made of these (foods)

QUICKIE:  Me, after serving Vincenzo a grilled cheese sandwich: “Mmm, something smells delicious around here!”  Vincenzo: “It’s probably my pants.”
You know that whole “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” thing?  I’m living the parenthood version of it: “Don’t hate me because my parents live 20 minutes away and are incredibly awesome grandparents.”  Not only is my mom around, but also a handful of sisters and another of neighbors and another of friends who call up and ask periodically if I would like a break today (thanks Kristen!).  If I’m feeling sick or harried or lonely, I need only wave a white hankie out of the nursery window and someone shows up, usually riding a white mare and hanging from a flying umbrella. 

My mom agreed to watch Vincenzo overnight once every month, and this was the first month.  Our 24 hours as parents-of-one was, in a word, delicious.  We started out at the Cheesecake Factory for appetizers and tuxedo cheesecake and over dinner I planned out a week’s worth of meals from roasted chicken with butternut squash to eggplant parmesan to a sweet onion, apple, and cheddar tart.  We bought a Williams-Sonoma cookbook and planned even more meals: fried macaroni and cheese, penne with vodka sauce, and beef sukiyaki with noodles

Back home we caught up on TV over Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and Starbucks Creme Liqueur.  When we woke up on Saturday (at 9:00!!!) (as in four hours after 5AM!) we headed to an acclaimed breakfast place in Seattle where it was Huevos Rancheros for him and Creme Brulee French Toast for her.  I think at some point during breakfast I actually proposed to my french toast.

A couple hours later I headed over to Grammy’s to pick up Vincenzo.  And if he was eating m&m’s and candy hearts for lunch, I didn’t see it.  She could feed Vincenzo sticks of butter straight from the fridge and I wouldn’t say anything because I’m hooked on these weekend dates after just one hit.  (Besides, after everything I ate this weekend, who am I to judge?)

And if Grammy accidentally yelled, “No, Rocco, DOWN!” to Rasta the dog (and if she yelled it twice), I didn’t hear it.  We’ll rename our son Rasta and the dog can be Rocco if that’s what it takes.

Roasted chicken with butternut squash
Tomato and roasted red pepper soup
Chocolate peanut butter cookies

3 thoughts on “Sweet dreams are made of these (foods)

  1. In my defense….he had exactly 4 M&M’s and 4 candy hearts for DESSERT, and two of the candy hearts he saved for his parents (he gets his generous spirit from his grammy.) As for calling the dog Rocco, I have nothing to say except that you COULD have named him Luigi, or Guido, or something else that has no letters in common with Rasta.

  2. Can you guys adopt James? I want to have V & R’s grammy as James’s grammy. I’ll pay you good money. This would be a full time kind of thing…..pretty please?

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