This apple fell VERY far from the tree.

QUICKIE: Vincenzo at dinner: “When I’m done with preschool for the year, does that mean I’ll be retired?”
******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** tells me that a ditz is a scatterbrained or eccentric person.

I would like to submit this picture to the dictionary entry.


Anyone who pairs ankle boots with underwear and a hockey jersey definitely falls into the category of “scatterbrained” or “eccentric.” 

It’s true; my son is a ditz.  (Brunettes and redheads, read that as: dumb blond).  (Blondies, read that as…wait a  minute, do you know how to read?)*

Case in point #1:
Vincenzo went to a birthday party this weekend and an adult was helping the kids wash their hands.  She was overheard saying to my son, “You mean don’t know what your own name is?”

Case in point #2:
The next day we visited Vincenzo’s potential preschool class for next year.  The teacher had him stand up and tell the class his name.  Fortunately, he did so beautifully.  Then she asked him what his baby brother’s name was and he said, “Oh, his name is Vincenzo too.” 

[I didn’t want him to look bad so I just smiled and acted like I was the cleverest mom EVER for naming both my sons “Vincenzo.”]

Case in point #3:

Vincenzo was kicking his bedroom door but (for once) not angrily.  We asked what he was doing and he said, “Trying to get into my room.  The door won’t open.”  Kevin went over and calmly turned the doorknob and opened it for him.  Vincenzo looked at the doorknob and said, “Oh!  I didn’t know that thing turned!”


Well the good news is I have officially stopped worrying about Vincenzo not being able to write his name yet.

Maple syrup-infused ketchup loaf
Pickle relish with plain mayo dipping sauce
Dijon mustard medallions with sour cream with a touch of walnut oil
Hershey’s syrup shots


*Totally uncool.  I know.

5 thoughts on “This apple fell VERY far from the tree.

  1. IF ONLY I had read your post before I made dinner…we would have shown up on your doorstep.

  2. I scrolled down at the asterisk fully expecting to see a personal apology (or statement re: me being the exception).
    BTW what the hell is up with your entire menu being made up of condiments? The apple didn’t fall that far…

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