Life’s full of tough choices, ain’t it?

Last week I was one of those people who “did it all.”  I cooked, I cleaned, I signed up for classes, I signed the kids up for classes, I helped friends and family with their to-do’s, I worked out two times.  And I came to this realization: people who “do it all” have unhappy families.

So this week I am trying to choose between activities/projects rather than do them all.  Here are some of those things I have had to chose between lately:

1. Going to the bathroom or picking Vincenzo up on time from preschool

2.  Intervening in Vincenzo’s temper tantrum after he took his clothes off and rammed his naked body into all the kitchen cupboards or pretending like I didn’t see it (so that I wouldn’t have to clean it)

3.  Flossing or not because having that extra 60 seconds of sleep sounded really, really good

4.  Plucking my right eyebrow or my left eyebrow, as there wasn’t time for both

5.  Investigating the noise I heard from the Panic Room (I’m always convinced we’re going to leave a door unlocked one day and someone will move in there and we won’t know it until we move out one day) or tossing a Hershey Kiss in there and telling Vincenzo it had his name on it

6.  Washing the full load of poop out of Vincenzo’s favorite pair of underwear or throwing them away and hoping for the best

7.  Reclaiming Vincenzo’s balloon from a 2-year-old whose Dad stood aside saying, “Ooh, good luck with that—he loves balloons” or letting the 2-year-old keep it and dealing myself with a screaming 4-year-old for the rest of the night

8.  Modeling good eating habits by sitting down at the table and eating lunch with Vincenzo or wolfing down a couple Luna Bars so I could write a blog post during lunch

9.  Scrapbooking or paying a conjugal visit to my husband*

10.  Holding Rocco or…or…nothing.  Him I just held.

I guess not all of life’s choices are tough.

This question is REALLY STARTING TO BUG ME lately! [I hope that sounded like George Costanza when you read it]









3 thoughts on “Life’s full of tough choices, ain’t it?

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling like she has too much on her plate right. You are a scrapbook goddess BTW -beautifully done.

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