Another reason to visit Japan—or not

A good friend just became a Great Friend when she forwarded me this e-mail about a current fashion trend in Japan.

“These are not see-through skirts; they are skirts with prints on them to make it look like panties are visible.”







It’s totally believable, coming from a country that sells schoolgirls’ dirty panties in vending machines, but before you run out and buy such a skirt, I should tell you that Snopes says these see-through skirts don’t exist.  The above pictures are just digitally-altered. 

Snopes also wants everyone to know that Santa Claus is really your parents. 

Snopes is such a buzzkill.

Potato rosti

4 thoughts on “Another reason to visit Japan—or not

  1. I have no earthly idea how to respond to this post. Your mind goes to some very interesting places sometimes.

  2. What a shame that they don’t exist. At this point, my only shot at having a great *** would be to wear one that belongs to someone else.

    Yeah, the *** is because sometimes comments will come up when you do a google search. It would be very difficult to explain without this post for context, you know?

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