I have all these little snippets waiting in line to be turned into full-blown blog posts, but the touchy-looking desk clerk is making me uncomfortable so I think I’ll just cut my losses and write them down, short and non-thematic as they are.

1.  We live on a PLANET we call EARTH.  We have a STAR we call SUN.  We have a MOON we call…MOON.  Seriously, like couldn’t we have come up with something better?  It’s like getting a dog and saying, “Let’s name it…DOG.”

2.  GIRL visited this week.  Her defining moment was when she asked, “Do you know how long it is until my next birthday?” then whispered excitedly, “It’s only three years away!”

3.  On the tail of his weekend as a cheetah-leopard, Vincenzo was remembering the little green men who hid gold all over our house last St. Patrick’s Day.  He asked, “But Mom, are they really called leopardchauns?”

4.  This is a comment I made on someone else’s blog; I’ve spent four years trying to put it into words.  Every day I am so blown away at the power and grace and love of the mother-child connection.  Then I think of all the billions of people in the world and the trillions of people in the world’s past and I wonder how something that is so commonplace and widespread can be so unbelievably profound.

5.  I started to write a reflection on the past 10 years around New Year’s but never finished.  Here’s how far I got:

1.  Fall in love and get married.  I considered myself unmarriable (I still kind of do).
2.  Get my master’s degree.  It just kind of fell in my lap
2.  Have a baby boy just two years into married life.  It makes me think of our wedding a shotgun wedding. 
3.  Hold my second baby boy’s lifeless body in my arms and know what it feels like to love and hurt at the same time
4.  Hold another baby boy a year later and realize I had never before known what hope meant
5.  Write a novel and half of a second one
7.  Pluck hair off my chin…and upper lip…and neck…

Zeek’s pizza.  I’m beginning to feel like a farse.

One thought on “NEXT!

  1. Girl’s whisper in your ear is wonderful. Their thoughts: wishes, imaginings are all fairly awesome. It must be like Far Far and Away, The Emerald City, and Down the Rabbit’s Hole all mixed up in to one inside their noggins. I think it’s why we love them so much.

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