More Christmas gift fun

The fun with Vincenzo’s Christmas presents continue.  Today we were playing with knights.  This one here…


…keeps bragging about how he’s in knight school which he thinks is hilarious and Vincenzo thinks makes perfect sense.  The knight goes up to some of Vincenzo’s other toys and asks them if they’ll go to prom.  If any of them say “no” Vincenzo’s knight cuts off their heads.  The ones who do say yes get treated to a cardboard box limo ride, a green blow-up disco ball, and the prom theme of A Knight to Remember.  Then they go to Denny’s and the bowling alley where they think they’re so original, bowling in their prom shoes and…I’m dredging up too many memories for you now, aren’t I.

Oh, and the green blow-up disco ball?  A huge hit with Baby Rocco.


Some genius put nipples ALL over this ball, and Rocco can’t get enough of it.  I’m pretty sure this is what he thinks my body looks like underneath my clothes.


Then we were reading from Vincenzo’s new book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and we came to the part where Willy Wonka shows the kids his inventing room.  I paused.

Me: You know, Vincenzo, I think I have an inventing room too!  I invent things in the kitchen!  Is there a room in the house where you do most of your inventing
Vincenzo: I guess I do most of my inventing in–
Kevin: I do all MY inventing in the bathroom.
Me: …
Vincenzo: I guess I do most of my inventing in—
Kevin: I’m working on my BIGGEST invention yet.
Me: …
Vincenzo: I guess I do most of my inventing in–
Me: And THIS, Vincenzo, is a little invention I call the “eye roll.”

Mall fare

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