I should be writing the thank you cards…

Vincenzo: The fur on my arms is longer than the fur on my legs.  I think it’s because my arms are older.
Vincenzo is loving his new Christmas presents.  Or maybe it’s me loving Vincenzo’s new Christmas presents.  Either way it’s really you that benefits in the end when things like this happen on Vincenzo’s new walkie talkies. 

Yesterday he and I were playing around on them when the voice of another young boy came through.

Other young boy: Hello?
MrsMouthy: [using a robot voice, as it’s really her only other voice]  Hi.  Do you speak alien?
OYB: Who are you?
MM: We are the aliens.  Requesting permission to land on Earth.
OYB: What?
MM: We take that as a “yes.”
OYB: Where are you?
kkkkkkk whitenoise kkkkkkkkk whitenoise kkkkkkk
OYB: Hello?  Hello?

I haven’t had this much fun since I convinced my students I had to have surgery to remove a watermelon plant from my stomach after swallowing a watermelon seed.

Corn chowder
Baked potatoes

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