What the wisemen WOULD have brought Baby Jesus, if only they had known…

What would you rather get for Christmas?

1.  Chocolate-covered bacon


2.  A glow-in-the-dark zombie playset:


3.  A t-shirt with this on it:


If you were my lucky, lucky husband you wouldn’t have to choose between the three.  He got all this and a magic cheeseburger that comes up with answers such as “I EATED IT” and “MEH.”

Oh, you’re wondering what I got?  A new dishwasher with a super sexy hard food disposer that I am hoping will routinely ask if I would like a foot rub and whether or not my emotional needs have been met today.*

I guess that’s what you get for getting your husband a toaster for his birthday.

My sister’s awesome vegetarian lasagna (thanks for giving me the night off!)
Triple layer fruitcake (but much better than the fruitcake you’re thinking of)


*I just asked the magic cheeseburger if deep down I’m secretly way excited about the dishwasher and it answered, “OMG YES!!!”

5 thoughts on “What the wisemen WOULD have brought Baby Jesus, if only they had known…

  1. Glad I am not the only one to “love” her present. I didn’t get a fancy dishwasher BUT I did get a super cool shop-vac with a leaf blower!!!

  2. Merry Christmas Mrs Mouthy…chocolate covered bacon…awesome. Maybe that’s what I’ll make instead of truffles next year.

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