“Gingerbread houses”

QUICKIE: Me to V: “If you had another brother or sister, what name would you give him/her?”  V: “And.”
We made gingerbread houses today.  Please note there was nothing gingerbread about Vincenzo’s house, nor was there anything house about his gingerbread house.  Ninja turtles play by their own rules.






That was at 10AM.  It is now 2PM and for four hours I have been asked over and over again, “Now can I eat it?  Can I eat it now?”  I have no good reason for saying, “no,” but I keep saying, “NO!”  What am I holding out for?  For the candy to lose its potency over the course of the day?  Do I think if I make Vincenzo wait long enough the whole thing will turn into vegetables and then he can eat it?  Or am I waiting for an arranged *accident* to occur?  Kevin’s family still does have some mafia connections, I think…

Nah.  Vincenzo’s probably just right: Mom is MEAN!

Beef and cheese mancotti
Candy (or vegetables)

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