I would have no blog if I had no kids

And here’s proof:

Exhibit A:
Vincenzo, seeing a picture of Kevin from before we had kids: “Oh yeah, I remember that.” 
Me: “You do?  You weren’t even born!” 
V: “I know.  I have a very good re-magination.”

Exhibit B:
Me: “V, do you like your bed?” 
V: “Yes I do.  Who doesn’t love my bed?”

Exhibit C:
Me to V: “Cover your eyes and count to 15.” 
V: “I can’t count to 15.   But I can count to 20!”

Exhibit D:
Me to V: “Yikes, you’re really crunching those tic-tacs!” 
V: “It’s okay; my teeth are screwed in really tight.”

In unrelated news: Every Tuesday night three of our BILs come over for Rock Band.  On  Thanksgiving I may have *accidentally* suggested they all grow soul patches to look more like a real rock band.  It’s becoming apparent they may have accidentally taken me seriously.  Stay tuned.

In unrelated photos:




4 thoughts on “I would have no blog if I had no kids

  1. I wish my teeth were still screwed in that tight…I think I ate too many hard candies and ruined them…worth it BTW.

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