Another slice of MrsMouthy’s pie

It’s hard to keep pace in this family.  The things that come out of everyone’s mouth are, to say the least, hard to explain.  Here are a few gems from the past week:

1. Kevin, eating a chicken breast: Look, I’m breast feeding!

2. Kevin, after accidentally opened a bag of chips from the bottom: “This is called baja-style.”

3. Vincenzo, watching a football game: “Mom, did you know football players can count to 20?”  *pause*  “Just teasing!”

4. Vincenzo created a game last week he calls “Whack the Mullet.”  I don’t really understand it but I love the part when he yells, “I AM NOT YOUR MULLET!”

5. Vincenzo, climbing on Kevin: “I am SUPERPASTE!”

6.  Me to my mom: “…and then two people ran through the crowd with big poles that had metal wing thinggiess on top that went WOMPA WOMPA WOMP…”

7.  Kevin, picking up a cup in the living room: “And why is there a pair of underwear stuffed in this cup?”

Like I said, hard to explain.

Leftovers.  Deal with it.


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