Weekend scraps

Vincenzo: I’m thirsty.
Me: What would you like to drink?
Vincenzo: A sandwich.

Me, reading Vincenzo’s children’s bible to him: “Then Jacob married.”
Vincenzo: His sheep.
Me: What?
Vincenzo: Jacob married his sheep.

Kevin spent a very confused weekend cleaning house for the house keeper we just hired.  If any of you have hired a house cleaner at some point in your life, can you please assure him that yes, it’s standard practice to straighten your house before she comes, and that no, it’s not a “special deal” I worked out with this particular house cleaner to save a few dollars?  This concept is just too big for him to wrap his brain around.  I think he thought he was hiring another wife, not a house cleaner.

Baked potatoes


QUICKIE: Vincenzo: “Mom, you can just call me Elaine for short.”
Nothing really big has happened this week, but here are a few little moments from this week that I would like to remember:

*Vincenzo, during a playdate, running out to the deck in the pitch black, pouring water over his head, then running inside and saying, “I think I need to change my clothes

*Rocco not getting a tooth after all; just having very pointy gums

*Vincenzo, dipping his hand into his water, saying, “I like my water hand-flavored.”

*Vincenzo wiping his stinky feet on Kevin, who wiped off the stink and put it on me, who put it on Rocco’s binky, which got rubbed on Vincenzo’s sandwich, which got eaten by Vincenzo, who said, “Mmmmm!  Stinky feet sandwich!”

*Grammy saying “hi” to Rocco and Rocco unwittingly saying, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” back

*Vincenzo, eating apples, saying, “I’m trying to make an apple collection in my tummy.”

*Opening a children’s magazine and seeing that not only is the main character’s name “Gray Goose” but the first line is “Gray Goose had a headache.”

*Nursing Rocco in bed while Kevin pet the cat and whispered dreamily, “It’s like we both have babies,” then told Clyde to move closer so he could get a better latch

*Telling my girlfriends there are probably a few thousand guys in the world I could have married, but only one who could have married me

Roasted fall vegetable and ricotta pizza (thanks Colleen!)
Tomato and roasted red pepper soup

What married people do

Me: Vincenzo, do you know what your middle name is?
V: No.
Me: Want a clue?
V: Yes.
Me: It’s your grandpa’s name.  Now do you know what it is?
V: Grandpa?!
Kevin and I had our first date since Rocco’s been born.  Well, our first date together, anyway.  Rocco and I have a date every day during Vincenzo’s nap—I put the phone on “do not disturb,” light the candles in my bedroom, and crawl into bed with Rocco for a couple hours.  For the record, that’s all Kevin would have loved to do for our date.  For the record, that’s not what we did.

We started at a cocktail lounge, opting to leave Rocco with his aunt because first of all it’s illegal to bring babies into bars, and second of all Rocco’s drinking problem is bad enough already.  (He drinks so much he throws up—several times a day).  We really enjoyed having a conversation sans children, talking freely and without spelling out words like p-i-z-z-a and m-o-v-i-e, for fear one of us would start kicking and throwing and yelling if, in fact, we chose not to see aforementioned m-o-v-i-e, I mean movie

When we finally exhausted all topics of conversation, we checked the time.  It had been 20 minutes.

Fortunately, shortly after that my sister and BIL showed up for the second part of our date: a double eyebrow waxing appointment.  For the guys.  I don’t want to get too graphic, but let’s just say that more than their eyebrows got waxed.  Anyone casually passing by could have heard such comments as: Oh!  You look so much thinner now!…And then there were twoI can see so much better now!…Does this eyebrow wax come with a happy ending?  They really crack themselves up.

Our date ended at a restaurant that boasted “$10 Spaghetti Feed!” which is really so much more romantic than our usual all-you-can-eat pizza place.  Adding to the romance, each time the waiter came to ask if we needed something, Kevin answered, “Quiet!  I’m feeding!”

Well, I’m sure you have all taken extensive notes.  I’d write more but I’m still busy swooning.

Picture dump

Nothing makes you feel like your kids are growing up too fast than when your three-month-old cuts a tooth!  Gah!  He’s being a big baby about it so I don’t have much typing time.  Instead I bring you…PHOTO DUMP!











WHAT’S COOKIN’ 2NITE: (It’s not lobster, I promise)
White chicken chili in pumpkin bowls
U-Bake-It Bread
Salad with cranberries and gorgonzola
Apple crisp