Sweetie Pie

My man has gone done me proud once again.  Check him out:


That’s Kevin after he won yet another eating contest.  (His other wins include the donuts, pizza and burritos, the latter of which caused some irreversible damage to our marriage and the ozone layer).  There were only two other guys in yesterday’s pie-eating contest and they both used their hands to eat, but Kevin was smarter.  He brought the entire Costco pie to his mouth and just kind of moved his head back and forth in it until a significant portion was gone.  The judges said he didn’t necessarily eat more pie than the others, but he definitely wanted it more.

Kevin’s recent victory brings to mind a famous Helen Keller quotes: I long to accomplish a great and noble tasks, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble.

I’m so proud.  And I will be even prouder of my man when he cooks up the 23-FRIGGIN’-POUND TURKEY he brought home for winning the contest. 

The only chance we have of eating all 23 pounds of turkey is for me to trick Kevin into thinking he’s in an eating contest at dinnertime.  It’s bound to be ugly, but at least with all that tryptophan making him drowsy, his eyes won’t look so crazed in the “after” shot.

Pasta with roasted vegetables and fresh garlic
Whatever is left on Kevin’s chin for dessert!

4 thoughts on “Sweetie Pie

  1. I recently read in a medical journal (fun fact page, this isn’t really hard science) that the sleepy feeling after eating on Tday is your body resting to focus its efforts to metabolize the massive quantities of food that was just consumed.

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