My major complaint as of 8AM this morning was that I had nothing to blog about.  Whine moan Vincenzo hasn’t said anything funny whine complain I haven’t returned any Louis Vuitton bags lately whine whine where’s that cyanide tablet when you really need it? complain whine blah.

But then I opened my computer and noticed Kevin installed Windows 7!  And now I can’t open Windows Live Writer because I can’t get past the part where it requires me to recite the entire atomic elements chart in backwards order by memory!   And so I have to write my posts through WordPress!  Which is a problem as I never did find out how to upload pictures to WordPress!   And holy crap, like, I actually have to write things now?!

Oh!  But this is not a problem, as my husband works at Microsoft and can solve all software problems!  I can get help without even calling India!  I called Kevin and asked for the fix.  He knew just how to solve my blogging problems: “That’s easy,” he said.  “If you can’t insert pictures, why don’t you just  describe the pictures in your post?”

Then I was all, “Operator?  Operator?  Can you put me through to India?  K thx bye.”

Kevin tried to cheer me up by telling me to minimize any window on my screen, put my mouse on the title bar, and shake it vigorously.  I did so and felt signifiantly not cheered up.  He said, “Isn’t it cool?  Did it minimize all the windows on your screen?  Wasn’t it fast?”

I decided the best way to cheer myself up at this point would be to hang up on Kevin.   As I did, I could hear him asking, “Do you know where Clyde is?  Maybe he’s blocking the tubes…”

Hey, does anyone know how to say, “Mail order bride” in Hindi?

5 thoughts on “THIS SUCKS

  1. To whomever it may concern:My previous comment (as well as this one) was left by automated spamming software. I just took a look at some of the sites that it hit and I see that it seems to have left comments in inappropriate places that made the comments themselves seem pretty damn insensitive. I just wanted to clear up the fact that I never actually read any of the posts and I’m really not a horrible person – It was all done automatically by a robot that left a comment on a bunch of blog posts that contained the phrase “my life sucks”. I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone – I’m just a spammer who was trying to get links to his site.If you haven’t already, you should probably delete the original comment, along with this one.

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