Design our deck!

So we’re getting a new deck installed this month (woot woot!) and this company installs a lit-up panel anywhere we want on the deck with any picture we want in it.  For example:

hot tub

Here are the ideas we’ve come up with, based on our family’s passions/interests:

Chuck Norris’ beard
A zombie
An energy-efficient, high speed dishwasher
A big messy fight
A photo of what would be below the square if it were see-through
My boobs (Rocco can’t talk, but we’re pretty sure that’s what his vote would be.)  (Kevin’s too.)
A chia pet**
Kevin’s eyebrows and/or Charlie Sheen
This picture of Vincenzo:


So…are we on the right track?  Which should it be?  Or is there a better idea we haven’t thought of?

Grilled pear and blue cheese sandwiches
Silky leek and red wine soup

**Nicole, Jenn, and Melinda, that one’s for you!

4 thoughts on “Design our deck!

  1. A white tulip/angel/your professional pregnant belly photo or something else in honor of Angelo?

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