Kevin’s Eyebrows: The Real Story

I feel like I could have done that post about Kevin’s eyebrow wax a little better.  So here it is, the right way:

Kevin’s “before” picture


(I told him to smile but he said no one ever smiles in “before” pictures.)

Kevin browsed through some magazines while waiting for his appointment, trying to choose which eyebrows would look best on him.  He chose these ones.



Mm-hm.  I, however, picked out these ones for him:

Not only are they more age-appropriate for him, but with these eyebrows he could also take my look of admonishment with him wherever he goes.


Enter: comic relief:

Now we know what they do with all that cholesterol they’re cutting out of food products!  Waste not, want not.


And now…for the eyebrow waxing!  Wait a minute, that’s not my eye– #@!&%



And finally, the “after” picture:

See adjacent text.
Just kidding!  That’s the Mona Lisa.  (Betcha never noticed that about her eyebrows, did you?)


Okay, here’s the real “after” picture.

Kevin sent me this picture from work.  I’m taking him at his word because hey, he looks like an honest guy.  Or is it just the new eyebrows?

Same’s last night

3 thoughts on “Kevin’s Eyebrows: The Real Story

  1. Kevin should never, ever open his eyes wide like that again, that bodiless eyebrow maniquine looks like an alien, and what the hell is he having done to his nose? I’m traumatized…really…the whole thing should have been your Halloween post….creepy.

  2. Should we all just have a moment of silence for Kevin’s ability to take this all in stride? No, let’s just giggle to ourselves…

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