Weekend scraps

Vincenzo: I’m thirsty.
Me: What would you like to drink?
Vincenzo: A sandwich.

Me, reading Vincenzo’s children’s bible to him: “Then Jacob married.”
Vincenzo: His sheep.
Me: What?
Vincenzo: Jacob married his sheep.

Kevin spent a very confused weekend cleaning house for the house keeper we just hired.  If any of you have hired a house cleaner at some point in your life, can you please assure him that yes, it’s standard practice to straighten your house before she comes, and that no, it’s not a “special deal” I worked out with this particular house cleaner to save a few dollars?  This concept is just too big for him to wrap his brain around.  I think he thought he was hiring another wife, not a house cleaner.

Baked potatoes


4 thoughts on “Weekend scraps

  1. Zach has always found that to be the same problem. My house cleaner comes every two weeks (this being the week), and he wants to know how much more we have to pay to get the actually “cleaning service” they advertise. My step-dad never understood either – I think he almost does after nearly 25 years. It must be a man thing, because I completely get it. In fact that is my tomorrow chore.

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