QUICKIE: Vincenzo: “Mom, you can just call me Elaine for short.”
Nothing really big has happened this week, but here are a few little moments from this week that I would like to remember:

*Vincenzo, during a playdate, running out to the deck in the pitch black, pouring water over his head, then running inside and saying, “I think I need to change my clothes

*Rocco not getting a tooth after all; just having very pointy gums

*Vincenzo, dipping his hand into his water, saying, “I like my water hand-flavored.”

*Vincenzo wiping his stinky feet on Kevin, who wiped off the stink and put it on me, who put it on Rocco’s binky, which got rubbed on Vincenzo’s sandwich, which got eaten by Vincenzo, who said, “Mmmmm!  Stinky feet sandwich!”

*Grammy saying “hi” to Rocco and Rocco unwittingly saying, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” back

*Vincenzo, eating apples, saying, “I’m trying to make an apple collection in my tummy.”

*Opening a children’s magazine and seeing that not only is the main character’s name “Gray Goose” but the first line is “Gray Goose had a headache.”

*Nursing Rocco in bed while Kevin pet the cat and whispered dreamily, “It’s like we both have babies,” then told Clyde to move closer so he could get a better latch

*Telling my girlfriends there are probably a few thousand guys in the world I could have married, but only one who could have married me

Roasted fall vegetable and ricotta pizza (thanks Colleen!)
Tomato and roasted red pepper soup


4 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. OMG, the pizza’s so good! I’m sure yours will be better than mine, though, since you’re all *gourmet* and everything.
    Good news about Rocco’s gums!

  2. Do you write these things down? I can’t remember stuff that happened yesterday let alone stuff all week. You are a good Mom. When your kids grow up and say, “What did I do when I was little?” You will have all sorts of answers! I am impressed 🙂

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