Trick or treat!

We won’t be home for trick-or-treating this year, as always, but I still like to leave a bowl of candy out.  You all remember my Halloween candy sign from last year, I’m sure:


This year I decided to appeal to a larger religious base:


(I thought about being all cutesy and writing “Karma is a WITCH" but didn’t feel it conveyed the right message.)

Now if only I could figure out how to make a Karma Halloween costume…

Oh, thanks Bratz!  (You’re going to tell me it’s too bitchy, right?)

3 thoughts on “Trick or treat!

  1. Next year you’ll have to target agnostics. “You might not fully understand why taking 1 is the right thing to do, but trust me, it is.” I have some more funny ones, but I might save them for next year. I don’t want to offend too many people at once. (My Mormon one is HILARIOUS, but it would be).

  2. That’s not nearly as offensive as the people handing out Jesus Saves paraphernelia to my kid. I mean, they could have just opened the door and screamed, “PAGAN!”

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