Happy Sweet 16, Kevin!

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, jumping when the phone rang: “Mommy!  You woke up the phone!”
Hoo-ee, Kevin just got back from a five-day business trip to Vegas, and if anyone wants to know what I feel like after five days alone with the kids, try holding your breath for about 15 minutes.  How you feel afterwards is about how I feel now.  I told that to Kevin and he told me that’s how he’s felt every day since we’ve had two kids.  I told him he should stop holding his breath.

Kevin enjoyed his business trip, though.  He drunk dialed his four-year-old son twice during the week—once from a Huey Lewis concert, of all places.  Vincenzo thinks it’s funny Daddy was talking so loud [sic].

This week we’re celebrating Kevin’s birthday—his sixteenth, according to Vincenzo.  We gave him a toaster.  It was seriously the only thing he wanted. 

And so, in the spirit of toast, here’s a toast to you, my dear:

Hey baby–
what’s up hon?
Not just thirty–
Saw Huey Lewis
(and The News)
look like a monkey,
smell like one too
Vegas was crazy
Now you’re back
wickity wickity
wickity WHACK
Wickity whack
Wickity whack
This is a toast
It’s not a rap
So Happy Fashizzle
And that’s a wrap

(And because you’re probably confused now, I’ll remind you that I’m white.)

Skillet lasagna
Garlic bread
Chocolate peanut butter brownies

4 thoughts on “Happy Sweet 16, Kevin!

  1. love your creativity! 🙂 happy birthday to your, Kevin. 🙂

    oh and no I did not make the horse for sugar’s costume…but I did make her cowgirl dress. 🙂

    I have a video up on my blog today. You won’t want to miss it. 🙂

  2. Not even kidding…as I read this on my Google Reader from school, they were playing “If this is it” as the sweep (tardy) music.

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