Kevin, B.M.: The Final Frontier

This is my last installment of Kevin B.M. because technically he wouldn’t be B.M. at this point—but I wanted to show that our relationship is more than just a series of one-liners and eye rolls.  (Those do make up a large part of it, though.) 

For our second date Kevin and I decided to hit up the science museum in Seattle.  We had lunch together then headed for the museum and had a fabulous time pretending to drive the fire truck, flipping plastic burgers at the plastic fast food restaurant, and helping Mr. Potato head find a hidden treasure.  In fact we had so much fun that it took us two hours to realize we were actually at the Children’s Museum, not the Science Center.

When we finally did make it to the Science Center, we took turns seeing how high we could jump at the jump reach station.  Unhappy with my first jump, I took off my jacket and tried again.  I knew I was starting to like Kevin when he then suggested I take off more clothes to see if I could jump even higher and it came across as funny rather than creepy.  And when I asked him about the Razor Ramon “Oozing Machismo” shirt I saw in the back of his car he said it was his lucky shirt that he put in the car just for tonight’s date, and it came across as charming, not immature.

A few dates later, in his apartment and surrounded by an extensive collection of WWE dolls, I kissed him.  Bruno Spears, it turns out, was just a Frog Prince in a singlet.

Somewhere in our third week together Kevin told me that I was The One for him.  He didn’t even flinch a couple weeks later when I told him I had fallen out of love with him; he simply took me to Denny’s and listened to me come up with reasons I didn’t like him anymore—one for every letter of the alphabet—and at the end, when I asked him what would happen if this was the end and we didn’t see each other again.  He said, “Then I would look back at this past month and know it was the best month of my life.”

So I fell in love with him again.

I know in this day and age we are supposed to be liberated women who have more to strive for than finding Prince Charming.  That we can be happy and fulfilled on our own, and that the happiness comes from within us rather than being given to us by a husband.  I completely believe that’s true.  But I also know that I have felt nothing but liberated since the day I knew I loved Kevin, and that happiness never felt like this before.

Anyone?  Buehler?  Anyone?

8 thoughts on “Kevin, B.M.: The Final Frontier

  1. Funny- when I met Tim, he very quickly let me know I was “the one” maybe after the first or second date. I knew that deep down I felt the same way. Regardless I resisted, I didn’t tell him my last name until after our third date and I think it was two months before I let him see my apartment. I thought that the man was supposed to tough to catch, but it was me. Maybe truly falling in love, just takes longer. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.

  2. YUM!!!! And I happen to have all those ingredients in my house right now! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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