Kevin: B.M. Part Cuatro

If you’ve been slacking, here’s your chance to catch up:

Kevin: B.M. Part 1
Kevin: B.M. Part Deux
Kevin: B.M. Part Whatever Comes after Deux

That first date at JJJ was a study in awkwardidity (awkwardness of word intentional to enhance my point).  I have since forgotten all of the conversation except the part when Kevin told me that he worked for Microsoft, and while they hire a lot of smart people, he was the one dumb one they hired.  What a smooth talker–be still my beating heart!

Oh yeah, and he also “let it slip” that not only did he watch WWE but he actually wrestled professionally himself.  He was currently wrestling in Canada under the name Bruno Spears because he decided it wasn’t best practices to wrestle under his original name of Bull Gates in case his boss happened to catch wind of it.  (He seemed very proud of himself for having realized that all on his own.)  I think that’s when I told him I had to leave for a birthday party that I had *technically* already been to that morning.

As he walked me out, Kevin asked, “So did things go well enough that I can ask you to dinner?”  I didn’t answer but told him he could ask in two or three days, reminding him that he’d look desperate if he asked me right then.  I wasn’t that into him, but my dating policy at the time was as long as he’s calling and he’s paying, I’ll go.  Someone later pointed out that this is more or less the same business plan as prostitution, but I was a broke first-year teacher and, frankly, I needed to eat.

Three days later, Kevin called.  I said yes.

Thank God, thank God I did.

Mediterranean beef stew with figs over pasta
Homemade rolls
Salad with roasted onion and sweet potato
Warm pear tart with vanilla ice cream

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