Someone get him a beret! He’s an artist!

When I picked Vincenzo up from preschool last week I made a big deal of his painting that was hanging up, as he has a huge aversion to art and couldn’t draw a smiley face if his turtle shell depended on it.  Then his teacher came up from behind and said, “You must be used to these beautiful paintings.  Vincenzo is so artistic!”

Dude, are there two Vincenzo’s in his class or something?  You’ve seen my son’s art at its finest:


I don’t know…maybe his teacher is right.  After all, he made this Frankenstein all by himself.  (That’s his “weapon” scaling up the left side of the page.)


And this cat (also shown here with its weapon)


A spyglass, unarmed but for an unfortunate deer and a hungry-looking T-Rex



An “X-Wing Fighter.”  (Awww, look!  I think it’s in love.)


Anyway, if I tell you Vincenzo is left-handed will you say, “Ohhhhhhh,” in a way that makes it sound like that explains a lot?  Because otherwise he seems way too much like the deranged neighbor kid from Toy Story…

Potato gnocchi with meat sauce
Glazed carrots
Salad with pear and goat cheese

5 thoughts on “Someone get him a beret! He’s an artist!

  1. Someone’s been using his Fun Times Box! :0)

    And, yes, it does explain a lot. At least that is what I tell myself when my left handed daughter has elaborate several hour long conversations with her imaginary friends that live on the rug in her bedroom. We would never understand these things as lowly right-handers.

  2. I have one who is a left-hander and he is completely different from the rest. He is the “sweet” one. He gets fabulous grades in school and is always teacher’s pet. My other kid’s call him a suck up. I always just tell them that he is smart one and never gets caught 🙂

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