6 thoughts on “Speak softly and carry a big pumpkin

  1. Yup, I really do cook them…though they don’t always turn out as great as they sound. Last night’s stuffing was awesome, though it was pinkish-purple from the Craisins, for example. Vincenzo eats a surprising amount of what I cook, as long as it’s not potatoes, especially since he was the pickiest baby ever. Not everything goes over well; goat cheese made him throw up last week. It’s a learning process.

    Anyway, sorry for my absenteeism on reading other people’s blogs…doing an excess of baby holding lately. 🙂

  2. Kevin’s great-grandpa was actually killed by the mafia. Then his best friend married his great-grandpa’s wife to help her raise her 8 kids. That’s how my family rolls, baby!


  3. Oh the gour(d) and violence in this post!!

    Alright, yes it was a stretch but “orange ya” glad I visit?

    Wonk wonk wonk waaaaaah

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