No eye rolling at dinner

The other night at dinner I asked Kevin how he would describe himself if he could use only three words.  He said:

1. Handsome.

I told him that was only one word but he said it was all he needed.  Then even though no one asked him, Vincenzo piped in with his own answer:

1. Security
2. Airport
3. Metal detector


They all turned to me for my answer.  I said:

1. Married
2. to
3. Handsome

My family obviously had not taken the question seriously (I admit, I got dragged down with them), so the next night I tried again:

If you could grant one wish for each person at this table, what would it be?

Vincenzo wished for “Blaa blabst hoo hoo shoo noo.”  Kevin wished that I would stop asking these kinds of questions at the dinner table.  I wished my husband would grow out of puberty by the time we finished our spaghetti.

I guess we’ll just go back to throwing cactus balls at each other during dinner.  They might be more prickly, but at least they’re less surly.

WHAT’S COOKIN’ 2NITE: (Yes, I am finally cooking again!)
Lemon-marinated pork
Roasted root vegetables
Homemade rolls


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