4 years old and counting…

When Vincenzo woke up today I told him he could have anything he wanted for breakfast, since it was his real birthday.  He asked for this:


It’s his own Belgian-Italian fusion cuisine: Belgian waffle on bottom, then whipped cream, then berries, all topped off with a bed of noodles.  He ate every last bite of it, too.  I’m submitting the recipe to Parents Magazine—other mothers need to know about this!

Next I dressed Vincenzo for his special day at school.  Only after we had gotten there did I realize that this may not have been the choicest shirt for a boy on his fourth birthday.


The shirt, it turns out, was the least of his problems, as we discovered at dinner that something was a bit off about his jeans… 



What do you think?  Is this a daft four-year-old who put his pants on backwards…or a highly advanced four-year-old who can zip and snap his pants on backwards?  Either way, it wasn’t until we got home and changed him into his PJs that we realized he was commando that entire time, which is more concerning anyway.

Dinner was a blast.  Vincenzo talked in jibberish with Abby the whole time until finally one of them yelled, “I WENT PEE PEE IN MY PANTS!” as ends all dates the two of them have.  They’ve both been potty trained for forever but they seem to lose control of their bodily functions when they’re together.  We’re thus setting an expiration date of “puberty” on their relationship.


Happy birthday, little D.  As long as I’m living, my flying, fighting, secret agent shell ninja turtle you’ll be.

10 thoughts on “4 years old and counting…

  1. I read parts of this post aloud to my husband. He grinned but he also looked at me funny – like “you don’t know this little boy and yet you are laughing a bunch and interupting my newspaper reading time.”

    Non-bloggers…. sheesh. 🙂

  2. Ah, happy birthday Vincenzo-Boy.

    Okay and seriously, what IS up with the babies causing potty-training setbacks? I’m afraid it’s some kid of mind-meld thing. Is that a thing?

  3. Oh, his bad model self was ROCKIN’ that reverse look! It’s on all the mini-models this season. Give me some smieze, D, and do Tyra proud!

    P.S. The “expiration date” comment made me laugh out loud and almost wake up my baby.

  4. Actually, it was Abby who went pee pee in her pants. I didn’t want to rat her out to EVERYONE though. We’ve had good luck with V–actually I decided to night train him after Rocco was born, as I was up in the middle of the night anyway!

    In conclusion, it must just be your kids.


  5. Oh my!! Laughing so hard on this one. Vincenzo sure knows how to celebrate his birthday with style. Love the reverse look. And yes… he is talented!

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