Party like a ninja turtle!

Vincenzo’s ninja turtle party went down this weekend.  You always know it’s going to be a great party when these guys show up:


Getting the hot water tank fixed made it feel like it was my birthday.  (Also: when did plumbing jobs make it feel like like it is my birthday?)

Prepping for the party was more fun than the actual party for me, as the prep did not involve pool balls being thrown at our windows or guests peeing on the toilet seat.  🙂 I had asked Vincenzo what food we should serve his friends and he had answered, “Raw beef.”  Because that’s what turtles eat.  We made a game-time decision to cook the beef instead, but Kevin was disappointed.  He pointed out that no turtle party is complete without a touch of salmonella.

Vincenzo had chosen 22” squeaking blow-up turtles for party favors, so most of the party was spent with kids chasing each other through the house and whacking each other with their turtles, pausing only briefly for a turtle egg hunt.  Vincenzo had stuffed each egg with a pom-pom baby turtle, a mini chocolate bar to represent the wood they eat when they’re still in eggs, and jelly bellies to represent the turtle eggs inside the turtle egg.  He told me that’s what is inside real turtle eggs.  I told him he is a fountain of misinformation.

Here’s the rest of the story, in pictures.

Ninja turtle on Turtle Island:


The turtle bread my MIL made but everyone gave me credit for:


Turtle cupcakes that were not, as Vincenzo informed guests, topped with rice:


Turtle cannibalism:



Hey, this might be off topic, but has anyone ever noticed that Vincenzo sounds like he could be the fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?  Michaelangeo, Leonardo, Rafael, Donatello, and Vincenzo.  He, of course, would be the Smurfette of the TMNTs, as he seems to be able to lay and hatch eggs. 

Anyway, it’s a moot point because Vincenzo saw a teenage mutant ninja turtle in the store for the first time and immediately dismissed it because it was “too small” to be a real ninja turtle.  But you probably already knew that.

10 thoughts on “Party like a ninja turtle!

  1. So fun – I love your fountain of misinformation and the fact that he is so straight faced about it.

    And for the record, I didn’t pee on your toilet seat.

  2. Thanks, Bobbie. My main goal this year was to keep it small/simple, so Vincenzo only had a few friends come…but we’d love to have a playdate with Bryce in the next week or two. I’m finding evenings are easier for me than days. We’ll keep Kirkland in mind for this Friday, but if that falls through then maybe some night next week.


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