Good news, bad news

QUICKIE: Just a self-observation: I have gone from the person who could do everything to the person who can barely do anything.  And I’m happy.
1a. Right after the baby was born Kevin decided to remodel our bathroom, as it rained in the basement every time he took a shower.  The good news is it’s finished!



1b. The bad news is that he took an inaugural shower yesterday…and the forecast was, you guessed it: rain.


2a. Kevin built a one million piece Lego castle for Vincenzo last winter.  I have played castle with V every day since then.  The good news is I finally got it off the coffee table and into storage!

2b. The bad news is…



3a. Our water heater is leaking into the basement.  The bad news is we may have to recarpet.

3b. The good news is I can just go downstairs and pick these when I make wild mushroom soup!


Mmmmm.  Carpet mushrooms.  Anyone in?

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