I like boys!

Vincenzo, explaining to Rocco how to become a ninja turtle: “First you start as a baby chick, then you’re a kitty, and then you get to be a ninja turtle!”
Yesterday got off to a rough start.  Vincenzo nearly got grounded (by me) from preschool due to a temper tantrum; Rocco went to the doctor and ended up with three shots and a last-minute decision to clip his tied tongue; by the time I left the doctor’s office I could tell I was getting hit with another round of mastitis.  Thanks to Mom, everything was back to normal by naptime though.  She’s my golden ticket…even if she can’t leave the house without forgetting at least one thing she brought.  (It’s the cake this time, Mom.  Come pick up your cake.)

At the store yesterday, I finally got the comment I had prepared myself for.  Someone saw Vincenzo, then asked if the baby was a boy or a girl.  When I told her he’s a boy she said, “Well you’ll just have to keep on trying then!”  She turned into a different aisle, leaving me to yell “I like boys!” at the cans of Manwich—which, by the way, totally got it.

I have to admit, there was a time I thought girls were the be-all, end-all, but having boys has opened me up to this whole other world where the main language, I’ve learned, is laughter.  Yes, there are cars.  Yes, there is wrestling.  Yes, there are (pretend) guns.  But I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter what your child chooses to play with.  Whether it’s Barbies or Legos, make-up or mud, you’re going to first be charmed by it and then sick of it either way. 

True, I probably won’t spend afternoons getting manicures with my sons or going to tea with them.  I’m on my own to make sure the clothes I’m wearing aren’t maaaaaajorly embaaaaaaaarrassing.  (And to realize on my own that girls don’t say “majorly” anymore.)  But my sons will have tickle wars with me and bake cookies with me and lose every game of basketball they ever play against me.  I, in turn, hope to learn to hawk the perfect loogie.

And if I’ve raised them right, every year on my birthday my boys will get me a gift certificate for a manicure.


10 thoughts on “I like boys!

  1. Having two girls I always heard, “you’re going to try for a boy aren’t you?”
    What is this? China? I grew up with three younger brothers, so I prayed for girls. I didn’t want any boys other than my stepson. Whew. Glad to get that off my chest. Oh and about your chest, cabbage leaves worn in your bra really help with the mastitis.

  2. Breastfeeding was not my favorite part of early motherhood- I’m sorry the mastitis is back. I was sad for one hot minute that I wasn’t going to have a girl. I got over that when my husband, who was reluctant to become a father, called his parents and said “we are having a boy,” instead of “she’s having a boy.” I love my spider hating, gun toting, spaceship making, battle orchestrating, little man. I wouldn’t trade him for the universe.

  3. I’m sure I’d be happy either way. Good thing we all are!

    I’ve heard cabbage leaves dry up milk…I’ll have to check it out on-line. 🙂


  4. You all are just jealous that I get to stay up late with my girls. They start crying over every single last thing that has been bothering them for the past 2 months, and then ask what the temp outside will be tomorrow so they can plan their uniform choice accordingly. I am not the weatherman. I cannot kill the bug for them. I will not get wrapped up in who told whom what yesterday before recess. Maybe we just all need a drink. Anyone with me?

  5. Can I tell you how sick I am of people giving me the look of pity when I say I am having another boy? Or when I tell them and they say “ANOTHER one?”

  6. Well, you made me cry. Trust me…I get the same thing everytime I go anywhere with my four boys! I have yet to figure out what to say to people. I am so astonished that they say it right in front of my kids, too. I can just say that I am blessed to have four boys!! They LOVE their mommas!! No drama, like girls. Trust me…they will give you advice on your clothes and always remember to give you flowers on Mother’s Day (that is if you raised them right). You can ask anyone of my boys what women like and they will say — flowers and jewlery. All of my boys open doors for me and are complete gentleman. I know that one day they will make some woman very happy!!

  7. Thanks, Terrie. I was thinking of you when I wrote the post. I really had no idea how much I would love having boys, and the more I get to know them, the luckier I feel. It doesn’t feel at all like I’m “just settling” for boys. I just wish I could help the girl-obsessed people understand!


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