Something old, something new

I think I mentioned Vincenzo started preschool last week, right?  Today parents were invited to join their kids for a picnic, and I was happy to see Vincenzo made a friend already!  I knew they were friends when, five minutes into the picnic, I saw they had made a game where Vincenzo would spit on the picnic table benches and his friend would stick a rock in each of the spit piles.  Isn’t that cute?!  By the end of the year I’m sure they’ll be having so much fun seeing who can make their wee-wee hit the monkey bars.

(As a side note, the three-second rule should never ever apply to park benches.  Or monkey bars.)

With school in session, we now spend part of our day playing school at home.  Vincenzo is usually himself, baby Rocco is Teacher Debbie, and I, naturally, am the teacher’s pet.  Mostly we just eat pretend snacks for the hour, except when Teacher Debbie gets fussy and needs a binky.

But some things stay the same, and there are still a lot of flying ninja turtles around the house.  This morning Vincenzo showed me the ninja turtle’s latest hideout.  Do you see all the ninja turtles?


Of course you don’t!  They’re all hiding in crumbs!  (Betcha didn’t know they could do that, did you?)

And because the baby doesn’t talk, I’ll let these pictures speak on baby Rocco’s behalf.






3 thoughts on “Something old, something new

  1. OK, so a 3 year old and a newborn, field trip to Kelsey Creek and oh, what should I do when I get home besides another feeding, a few loads of laundry, lunch for Vincenzo and maybe a minute to pee? Blog about it! You truly are super woman. Love the wit, love the content…you’re my hero.

  2. Pre-school is so much fun, I love watching James pacticing letters and numbers, and playing with his friends.

    I like Rocco’s wrinkley forehead in the last one. I think that is what I miss most about James being that little- the old man/newborn baby look.

    BTW I finally finished my trip report on our cruise. Cruising really is a weird expereince, worth it, but weird.

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