Stay calm!!!!

Vincenzo started school this week, and I have to send in a letter for his emergency supply kit—something the teachers could read to him to comfort him down in case of disaster.  Here’s a draft I’m working on…any thoughts?



7 thoughts on “Stay calm!!!!

  1. I would take the cyanide right after I read that sappy emotional drool you tried to pass off as manly encouragement. Hopefully he won’t throw up on it before he rips it off the letter.

  2. LOL…you’re sense of humor kills me!

    These days, wouldn’t it make more sense for them to get you to record something? I wonder if the teacher would keep a straight face when reading the ninja turtle line…

  3. Ugh, I hate catching my own grammar mistakes…okay, I hate MAKING them. YOUR sense of humor is killing me while my grammar mistakes are driving the getaway car!

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