Sunday Funnies

Just a few tales from the week:

1.  Vincenzo visited his teacher for the first time and she asked what he would like to be called for the year.  Can you guess what he told her?  Think about it…think about it…

Wrong!  You’re all wrong!  He did not ask to be called a ninja turtle for his first year of school.  He instead chose the nickname “Cocktail Pep.”*

2.  Vincenzo was telling his Uncle Michael all about the show “Wipeout,” and that he should come over and watch it someday.  He generously added, “If it’s too late then you could spend the night.  You could sleep with Mom and Dad in their bed.”

3. Vincenzo and Grammy were playing a game of tow truck and I asked if I could play.  “No,” answered Vincenzo, looking at his hand.  “You’re not on the list.”

4.  Kevin, who has sired three boys, was talking with his friend, who has sired two girls.  The friend asked Kevin if he had any tips on how they could get a boy next.  Kevin answered, “Sure.  Just give me two hours alone with your wife…”

5.  My favorite quote from myself this week: “People who consciously decide to have two kids should be institutionalized.  But ain’t it fun to be crazy?”


*Actually, he chose“Crocktail pep,” which is what he calls them and we don’t have the heart to tell him he’s not actually eating crocodile, as he *may* have been led to believe


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