Did someone say “spotlight?”

We went to a studio for professional photos of our newborn (Rocco) a couple weeks ago because we did the same thing for Vincenzo and, being a fourth-born child myself, I’m hyper conscious about having as many photos of our second child that we have of our first.  I’m pretty happy with how the pictures turned out; what do you think?






9 thoughts on “Did someone say “spotlight?”

  1. WOW Rocco is looking an awful lot like Vincenzo these days. Man he got big fast. Must be because he’s named Rocco. But regardless of a name or brother or whatever. That is one cute freakin kid. Seriously. Vincenzo, Rocco, names don’t matter when you are that cute.

  2. You can always do what my mom did. She tried to pass off baby pictures of my sister as baby pictures of me. The really sad part is that, after four kids, I really don’t think she could tell the difference anyway.

  3. Wow, looks so familiar. Looking at our early family albums you might suspect I was some neighbor kid who sometimes came over. Maybe you could get more than 3 photos in Rocco’s baby book though?
    ~Third and last child

  4. I guess my funny bone is broken- my comment didn’t come across the way I wanted- gah! How about this? I guess “Rocco” had a serious case of soap opera aging- but what he doesn’t remember won’t hurt him.

  5. tee hee…you are too funny! 🙂 tooooooo funny! I was a second child….very few pics of me. BUT there are 457 billion pics of my girl. I’m making up for the lack fo pics of me. 🙂

    oh could you reply via email to this message. I have something to ask ya. 🙂

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