Fair enough

So the fair is behind us now and it did not disappoint! 

Well, actually, this booth disappointed:


Before you look at the picture below, get a visual of what you think a “spa of the future” would look like.


I don’t know…I guess I was expecting something more metallic?  Something that hovered?  But alas, the spas of the future are strikingly similar to the spas of the past.  I guess that explains the use of quotation marks on their sign.

Now here’s a booth did NOT disappoint!



Below is a picture of Vincenzo’s favorite ride—the rocket ship movie thing.  Kevin described it this way: “They put a bunch of kids in a dark room with a carny  for ten minutes and no adults are allowed in.  What could possibly go wrong?”


I told him to stop calling them carny’s; they’re people with feelings, just like us.  Then we came across this particular one with who had “F*** THE WORLD” shaved into his hair.  I started calling them carnys at that point, too.


There were people there wearing their children’s Tinkerbell backpacks.


And also there was this guy wearing an adult-sized Cars backpack.  Seriously.


And unfortunately, that’s all I got.  I didn’t realize how little picture taking you can do when you have a baby strapped to your chest, the stroller handle in your right hand, a bag of kettle korn you’re not letting go of in your left, and THIS bearing down on you at a remarkable pace:


Goodbye, sweet world.  Goodbye.


6 thoughts on “Fair enough

  1. So what’s a “Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich?” I thought they did donuts?

    It is a bit scary that military sign-ups are low enough that they are sending inflatable giant soldiers after you.

  2. I luv the fair re-caps. I can’t believe it has been a year already. My ex-FIL was a carny and he earned the title in so many ways. Somehow I think I’ll be unable to resist the chocolate covered bacon.

  3. Tricia–Much scarier here, only the air is breathable

    Ginny–I will tell you only if you promise to eat one

    Corey–How? What?

    Elizabeth–If we haven’t met each other by next year at this time, let’s make a date for the fair 2010…kay? Be there.

  4. You think that the Evergreen State Fair is interesting…you should see who comes out for The Sultan Shindig. People are wearing the kid’s backpacks and sometimes that is ALL they are wearing!! Crazy!!

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