Happy weekending!

QUICKIE: A lady, pointing out the sights of the beach to her grandson: “There are the ducks…and there’s a boat…and there’s some seaweed…and oh look!  There’s a tired new mom!”
I just wanted to apologize for not reading other people’s blogs since the new baby has come.  Also on my list of things I have not done are cook, clean house, garden, showered regularly, and slept more than 3 hours at a time.  If I have read your blog, know that one or more of these things is also true: 1) At least one of my children went hungry for the half hour it took me to get caught up; 2) It took me three days to read a single post of yours and comment on it; or 3) You are Renee of mommyblogyay.  (The best thing about Renee’s blog is that the “yay” is silent.  Hope I didn’t just ruin the ending for you!)

Anyway, have a fab weekend everyone.  I’m absolutely GIDDY because the state fair is in town!!!!!  It’s like the Christmas of summer, only if you could put Christmas on a stick and deep fry it, which we would all totally do if they sold Christmas sized deep fryers.  But they don’t.

8 thoughts on “Happy weekending!

  1. State Fairs are awesome. Here they dont have state fairs. But they do have the TROMBINI. The traveling amusement park. Very tiny. Reminiscint to the state park. We went tonight. It sucked. But only because Sidnei is a big weenie and scared of everything. But dont tell him I said that. He gets mad.

    Anyway but they did have the most DELICIOUS churros. You could fill them with chocolate or dulce de leche (similar to a thick caramel). I chose the second. It was the most amazing experience. I must have one again.

    No snarkies tonight. I just dont have it in me. And you didnt give me much to be snarky about. Its kinda hard when you pull the “i have a brand new baby” card all the time.

  2. The fact that you are on the computer at all has me convinced that there is a Wonder Woman outfit hiding in your closet.

  3. Stephanie: I will send you my address. You will send me a churro.

    Corey: I know exactly what you’re talking about, being a former 9-month-a-year worker myself. Hope there’s some fun on your list too!

    Tricia: Oh. Those are just my Wonder Woman Underoos.

  4. I am laughing at your apology at not reading blogs now that you have an infant. DUH! You are NOT superwoman – even though I know you are existing on powers you didn’t realize that you had 🙂

    Anyway, it’s OK. We are still blog buds whether you like it or not.

  5. Wait, so you’re not reading every day? That’s it. I’m out.

    (When you do the “shout out” for me, I get flutters. I’m not totally convinced I’m not gay for you.)

    (Is that inappropriate? Maybe a little? Sorry.)

  6. Renee–No worries; it’s mutual. I just have the class not to write it out loud. Or I guess I HAD the class…

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