5 thoughts on “Photo journal

  1. ah hahahahaha! Poor kid. It’s probably because his name is Rocco.

    JUST KIDDING 🙂 Truthfully he is super cute, even when his body is bending in ways it should not 🙂 Btw…should children go to the chiro?? Im betting on no. My Aunt is a chiro, so I go, but it still scares me. I’m afraid she’s going to twist the wrong way or a little too hard one day. Or at least I was. I dont have one here in Brazil. *sigh* yet another thing you have reminded me of. Thanks again.

  2. Lexa still sleeps like that in the car – it’s crazy. It is much better though if you slide that chest strap thingy up so that it lines up with the top of his armpits – then he can’t fall forward so much. My sis took her newborns to the chiro and still takes them now – that would freak me out a bit.

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