Shooting the breeze

QUICKIE: V: “Mom, we should go to Chuck E. Cheese!”  Me: “Well, I was thinking we should go for a bike ride.  What do you think of that?” V: “I think my ideas are better than yours.”
Let’s all put our hands together for the guy formerly known as my husband’s sister’s boyfriend, who waited eleven years to find the exact, perfect moment to propose to my SIL.  Wendy is getting MARRIED!!  I love that when my future BIL asked my FIL for my SIL’s hand in marriage, my FIL said, “Yes, yes!  Take both hands!”  (Sorry if that story lost anything in all the acronyms; it just takes sooooooooooooo long to type out brother-in-law and father-in-law and sister-in-law, and the hyphen is such a tricky key to hit correctly and oh dear me, now I’ve gone and typed them anyway.)

I also wanted you to know that if you see a lady walking along with a baby strapped to her chest and an overgrown child in a stroller, and that child seems to be pointing at your car and saying something, then that lady is me and that child just annihilated your car with his finger gun.  During last Friday’s walk, we hit a dry spell where no cars came along for awhile, and I noticed one of Vincenzo’s hands casually finger walk across the stroller tray, when WHAMO!  His finger snuck up from nowhere and shot it dead cold, too.  RIP, Righty.

And because I’m typing one-handed and because that’s hard, I’ll just shove a bunch of pictures at you.





5 thoughts on “Shooting the breeze

  1. First, I love the pictures. You and your kids are so darn cute! (not Kevin, though. 😛 ) And THREE GIANT CHEERS for JP and Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s about damn time they become old and married like the rest of us. 😀

  2. I need to squeeze that baby of yours!! Damn your kids are cute!! Almost makes me want to have another 🙂

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