I’m doingfine! Why do you aks?

Other signs I’m not doing nearly as well as I think I am:

1. I showed up at the right doctor’s office, at the right time, with the right kid, but on the wrong day.

2. I realized I wore my breast pad backwards all day—the absorbant side facing out

3. I put on a pair of underwear after going to the bathroom and realized significantly later that the “feminine hygiene product” was on the OUTSIDE of them.  (??)

I swear I’m one step away from nursing the cat* and wiping my husband’s bottom.

*Matlick, Andrea.  “Whew!”  Personal e-mail.  August 16, 2009.

4 thoughts on “I’m doingfine! Why do you aks?

  1. Thanks for biblio! You WILL get the hang of it. even in public places, I swear. It’s only been 12 years since mine was a baby and look how together I am (hahahahahaha).

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