Vincenzo? Oh yeah, he’s still here too…

1.  When I walked in on Vincenzo looking in the candy drawer: “Hey Mom.  I was just checking to see if all the drawers still opened.”

2.  Running to find me after helping Kevin lay down a new floor in our bathroom:  “Mommy!  Guess what Daddy’s making the new bathroom floor out of?”  Me: “I don’t know…what?”  Vincenzo: “Gravel!!”

3.  During a game of pretend, Vincenzo made his fingers into a ninja turtle and presented me with a bouquet of flowers.  Having nothing to pay him with, I instead gave him the superpower to turn anything he wanted into chocolate.  He, in turn, gave me my own superpowers.  “Whoosh!  Now you have the power to change into a ninja turtle or a crumb!”  (I immediately changed myself into a crumb and was promptly eaten by a crow.)

4.  On the way back from a walk I noticed how long Vincenzo’s hair has gotten and told him he needed a haircut.  He responded, “Yeah, that’s because you walked too long.”

5.  Vincenzo, on his way to a movie with Kevin: “I feel like every day is my lucky day.”

9 thoughts on “Vincenzo? Oh yeah, he’s still here too…

  1. August 18, 2009
    Quote of the Day
    “Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.”
    – James Bryant Conant

    This was in my email inbox this am and made me think of your litle man.

  2. You have GOT to quit taking those month long walks. Or at least stop by the Barber shop along the way.

    Bless his little “lucky day” heart!

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